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How it Works?

It is the dream of every fish lover to create a wild, natural breeding sanctuary surrounded by live plants.
As your fish enjoy their environment, they create debris. Debris turns into nitrates which become ammonia that are toxic and cause the sudden death of fish and prevent breeding. The newly invented “Jet Water Cleaning System” is designed to remove the debris that accumulates at the tank bottom and maintain superior water quality without disturbing your fish and/or live plants.


The Aqua Jet effortlessly flushes away those toxins by running tap water through Tube A, and systemically siphon out under the gravel plate and through Tube B. Tank water is continually circulated and cleaned by an outside filter connected to Tube C (water circulation tube), promoting the growth of This system allows you to clean the tank bottom without removing fish, plants or other ornaments.

Clear water does not mean clean, healthy water for fish. Harmful, colorless water-soluble toxic chemicals are gradually released from the debris that accumulates under the gravel. precipitated at the tank bottom are gradually accumulated in the stagnant water of a fish tank. Until now, there has not been an aquarium filter or cleaner that removes No historically available filter system removes the debris such as leftover foods, animal wastes, and dead plants that release create the build up of these chemicals, which leads to toxic levels for the aquatic life.

Serious drawback of current filters: Exterior filters such as hung-on and canister filters are the most popular due to their ease of use, whereas under gravel filters, the most effective bio-filter system, are less used because of the difficulty of cleaning the tank bottom. In any case, these filter systems create an anaerobic dead zone on the bottom of tank due to insufficient water circulation between the gravels and the tank bottom, where hazardous anaerobic bacteria grow and release toxic substances into water.



The under gravel filter (left) is the most effective bio-filter. The hung on and canister filters (right) are convenient, but the serious drawback is the accumulation of debris and the formation of anaerobic zone at the tank bottom due to the lack of water circulation.

The Jet Water Cleaning System is the only product that completely flushes and cleans the aquarium tank bottom. By flushing tap water through Tube A along the tank bottom, debris will be pushed toward the other side of tank, and siphoned out through Tube B. A hung-on exterior filter connected to a tube that opens beneath a filter plate circulates water constantly. This constant water circulation prevents the formation of an anaerobic zone and stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria and aquarium plants that utilize and absorb nitrogen compounds.



The Jet water Cleaning System utilizes the beneficial functions of the under gravel filter. The debris accumulated at the tank bottom is effortlessly and systematically siphoned out from the tank.

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