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Introducing the Aqua Jet Water Cleaning System

Clean your tank from the bottom up using the scientifically designed Aqua Jet Water Cleaning System.

  • The Aqua Jet gently flushes toxic debris that has accumulated underneath the gravel bed without disrupting or stressing fish and live plants.
  • Simple, easy-use and reduces cleaning time.
  • Your fish will thrive like never before in their clean and healthy environment.
  • You’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come.

Do you remember the enthusiasm and excitement you felt when you first set up your aquarium or the disappointment of losing your favorite fish? Are you interested in having an aquarium without the heavy maintenance? Whether you’re a first time fish owner or a long time hobbyist, let the Jet Water Cleaning System show you what aquaristry was meant to be.

If you love fish, you’ll love the Jet Water Cleaning System!


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